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Why Not?

A   D.E.M.O.

("Domos Ex Machina Option --- Homes From The Machine") is ethical, private sector investing that is structured along strictly economic lines.

BACKGROUND: In an urban market, the rents in the wealthiest neighborhoods set the scale for all other rents. In the least advantaged neighborhoods, what the consumer market will bear is often greater per square foot of personal space than what is paid for the same measure in luxury apartments.

Over time, the affordable housing shortage in Philadelphia has led to a tolerance by tenants of substandard living conditions in return for any place to call home.

Compounding the problem, each party to those rental transactions feels entitled to cheat the other in order to settle "the score". The inevitable result is urban decay.

In a free market, what the consumer market will bear is always where a price will settle. But, in a fair trade environment, a landlord provides tenants with greater value and respect for that price.

Each D.E.M.O. provides as much value and respect as the investor market will bear.


Row House

Suggested House Plans

No wider than a typical room in a single family home, a row house has a limited number of options for functional floorplans.

The following plans demonstrate some of the options for both new construction and for rehabbed buildings.

Depending on the budgetary considerations for a particular site, optional features may include water purification, electronic pest control, whole house fans and/or rooftop terraces.


 : DEMO 1


This basic DEMO model employs an open floor plan for the first floor, giving it a family-friendly functionality. This model was designed for use in the option-to-purchase program.

Although intended as a shared home for two tenants, the rooms are large enough to accommodate a couple or a parent with a small child in each bedroom.

This design can be modified into a three story row house whose third floor duplicates its second floor.

As shown, a DEMO 1 is designed for the narrowest lots, but it can easily and inexpensively be widened for larger parcels of land.

If the opportunity to rehab one of the local, vacant school buildings, factories or warehouses presents itself, this floorplan will be modified for the construction of townhouse-style condominiums or reduced to a single floor for one bedroom condos.

For a townhouse condo, the doors are moved to the walls opposite the staircase, the windows are moved to the same wall as the staircase and the back corner is squared off. (The second door is a fire exit that is added to the hallway outside of the bedrooms) For a single bedroom room condo, the door and the windows are moved, the second floor and the stairs are eliminated and a bedroom on the side opposite to the bathroom is added.

 : DEMO 2


This model is designed to function as a small rooming house, with either two or three floors.

The upper floor(s) can accommodate single or couple residencies, but this design is not ideal for long-term occupation by a parent with a child.

A DEMO 2 can be scaled to suit a range of lot sizes and is probably going to be the approximate style for most new construction and rehabs.



Depending on the number of floors, a DEM 3 can accommodate 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 residents.

In most situations, these units can be rented for the same, or slightly more than the rooming house or shared home units.