Explanation of Estimates:


  • 'Janitor": As part of their option-to-buy agreements, one tenant in each building will be credited with $200 per month in return for their performance of basic cleaning duties for all common areas.

  • "Vacancy & Bad Debt": These figures can be expected to be substantially below the industry averages that are show because of the nature of the tenants who are selected.

  • "Taxes": Because of the depressed nature of the neighborhoods selected, the City of Philadelphia is unlikely to eliminate the tax abatement program for at least the forseeable future.

  • "Repairs & Reserves": As essentially new construction, these amounts should be available for roll-over to the next year

  • "Advertising": This expense is only required for the first year and only for buildings that are promoted under any of Urban Fair Trade's brands.

    If tenants are entitled to a 2% discount for paying their rent early or on time, that discount will be subtracted from this expense's amount.

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